MOVE IN is about treating objects as though seeing them for the first time; discovering hidden possibilities in the discarded or the ordinary. An ad-hoc home environment is constructed around feelings of spacial intimacy; housing the traces of inhabitants who have just settled in, or just left. Like shoes left in front of the door or a chair out on the street. The precariousness of these moments is captured and the emotional is made material. Re-composed as a poem, fragments from a conversation about the work are threaded throughout. A shared language is created through textile pieces and found objects, with foreign and familiar elements colliding.

MOVE IN is an exhibition and shop by Aamu Salo & Kasia Gorniak, open from 5.12.2019 – 5.1.2020 at Garden Room.

Installation design and imagery created in collaboration with Meeri Juvakka.

A: I had a thought on the notion of emotional baggage. Because anywhere you go, it follows you. And, anywhere you install yourself, the space starts to look like you. I love to visit peoples’ homes and see their intimate space, doesn’t it reflect so much about their personality?

K: It’s also reflected in how we seek and find emotional comfort in the physical; in bodies, in objects, in spaces. How our possessions can create this sense of comfort, whether it’s temporary or long-lasting, imagined or real.